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dream 15.08.07


Filming in a big house, arriving in the early morning, trying to get around, find food, etc.

Some other russian woman peeing in my bathroom, keep trying to contain her, she keeps morphing, like a SU gem or whatever, starts to get intense because it's getting impossible but I know I have to plead with my brain to finally just let me have this, we're going through like the basement of that film house, eventually we do catch her somehow, and then the credits roll and it's on a laptop but I think no I'd rather watch this on a big projector screen. Cool effects, like oldschool film projector flickering on the credits and pictures from preproduction, like concept art and such?

also, I need to make a Mark icon on here. and an Alstew icon ofc. This is a plus account right? that distinction doesn't exist anymore, plus vs basic, I can have more than 6, it's like 12 or 14 or something. An Anna icon would be good as well on occasion.
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