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dream 15.08.12

unganeshing? or something like that: weird meme where people unfollow almost everyone they follow on twitter? so my follower count went from 36 (its current very stable position) to 2, which I think was Beth and Susan. was very sad to lose Greg lmao. Incidentally I decided this meme was STUPID.

walking around yet another rich people's house, sort of under the bridge again, but this time also it was the lgbt youth centre place, that had relocated to that street? It was in this weird building that was like a seesaw, just a long staircase leading up to a tiny room, not where anything could fit, and apparently this was all because of the provincial government cutting funding to it (they did cut funding to a bunch of stuff, but this isn't actually funded by the govt). apparently this centre had actually had a presense in my high school and/or junior high, and I was very mad at the government for fucking it up and essentially making it non-functional, only as a tiny storage space or closet ha ha!

also stuff about road that fam house is on, and increasingly weird cars going down it, and my whole family out there pointing each one out. Me taking pictures even though I suspected somehow it was a dream or that there'd be some other excuse for why I wouldn't get to have them later on. Apparently up till that point the coolest thing was the green house neighbours across the street's car would just morph from green to blue, yellow, or red and cycle very quickly, which I also suspected was weird/magical but whatever. Trying to point out to Bobus each thing so she definitely wouldn't miss it. The cars would just sort of fade out when they got to the end of the road. And eating blueberries! Also there was something about packing a black van, a family thing but I don't think it was my real family exactly, a made up, more normal family.

Also worrying about having to go back to school this friday? college but maybe high school, but I think college subjects ie writing responses or smth to movies we'd watched. And then I remembered, oh I'm graduated, I don't need to do that anymore, although I think I had been present in the classes to watch the actual movies or something.
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