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here's a dumb meme. first, my favourite band, which is not Take That

favourite song: Star Tiger, Star Ariel
least favourite song: Satellites Lost maybe? how can I choose
have i ever seen them live: nah
favourite band member: greg
least favourite band member: how dar u
how many of their albums i have: none on vinyl :(
favourite album: YSC but it might actually be ETR ok I'm going with ETR
favorite lyrics: "all these suns set for miles can't compare to this time here with you" (STSA) is a good one. I cannot seriously choose lmao
favorite music video: Lost in a Melody
ever met any members: I succeed at twitting to aaron and greg does that count

my other favourite band, which is Take That (post-millenium because I'm still completely clueless about 90s stuff so it's not fair to include that)

favourite song: SOS I guess
least favourite song: What Is Love maybe? something off the Circus probably
have i ever seen them live: no!
favourite band member: Mark but sometimes Jason
least favourite band member: GARY!!!!!
how many of their albums i have: everything that was in that torrent
favourite album: Progressed
favorite lyrics: "no one dies in these love drowned eyes"
favorite music video: Love Love I think? I love the style in Kidz but not so much the actual video itself.
ever met any members: no
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