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dream 15.08.23

It seems lately, like this past week that despite taking the meds (iron and vitamin d) it's not enough somehow? I'm still exhausted in the afternoon/early evening. For a few days I have been channeling this into reading further in Everybody Was So Young which is a GREAT book. I have the older weaker vit d pills so I've been taking one later in the day as well to try to prevent this. I think I might go for a kip now though.

also, I have had this song stuck in my head for days and I was sure it must be some kind of mid 00s lame slow pop song, but no, it is 2015 Muse. unbelieb

dream included being back at high school, the STANDARD, first class finishes but I don't know what/where my next one is, so I go downstairs to the lobby to be told where to go and get in line which is already long lol. Also trying to remember my fukin locker combination. meeting this girl ML I haven't talked to since like grade 11 (apparently still in high school) and she was all like "your voice has changed" and I was like yeah no shit. I think my sister was going to school at the same time as me. And other important quests of trying to find where teacherifancy was.

Another thing we were on a shoot and gay stuff with L, or Greg sort of it changed (in a pleasant way), then whoever it was supposed to be was asleep and I had to carry him outside and lay him on a park bench. At this point it was like carrying a five year old though :( But there was a ginger cat playing pingpong outside with its lady owner. The cat was on the table, holding the paddle, and talking in a very mature husky possibly british male voice, discussing smart topics.

When I did wake up for real though that feeling of carrying my sleeping boyf was unforgettable. What an experience tbh. Put that shit on my bucket list!!!!!
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