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end of 2015/2016 memes

this is a fun thing to do I'm gonna keep doing it

  1. "if a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or like this" TECHNICALLY was around since at least dec. 30

  2. in greggs? yeah it was in greggs which has been around for longer but I keep seeing new variations of it

  3. "you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. look at it. it's got anxiety" a wonderful meme

  4. davey cameron is a pie

  5. donald trump, etc is also 69 exchange them

  6. bowie trolling everyone by dying and predicting it in a video

  7. not so much a meme just tired ole discourse of RECEIPTS!!!! every time someone famous dies and apparently no one is allowed to be sad about it whatever

  8. luke is gay and/or trans Confirmed

  9. carrie fisher's three feelings, her retweeting lots of stuff, Confirmed space gay

  10. blinq which is yet another thing that measures your age and how hot a photo is (wildly innacurate)

  11. hillary clinton's tryhard campaign

  12. dj khaleed's snapchat

  13. tumblr making a pathetically in-depth survey thing about replies and people responding in really sarcastic ways

  14. football delaying the first new x files episode

  15. "tag yourself i'm the ___" was already a more broad meme since last year, but all of a sudden on jan 24 has become a very specific incarnation with a selection of at least 6 badly-drawn-in-ms-paint animals or other simple creatures, different colours, with humourously odd names (spiders georg wouldn't be out of place) and short bullet pointed personality descriptors, also quite random and specific. can you tell I'm a fan of this one

  16. fuckg mario 64 playthrough guy and parallel universes and "the distance he moves isn't necessarily equal to his speed"

  17. #FingerInTheBootyAssBitch

  18. "a photographer took pictures of people before and after she called them beautiful"

  19. conversion rates for horsepower of other animals

  20. bernie vs hillary views on: ______

  21. roosh v pet shop secret spy code

  22. tony the tiger harrassed by furries

  23. jean meme (jeme). similar to snake/snail meme from last year. this I think originated/popularised with that "his jorts, his jants, his japris" post

  24. the frame of marge simpson doing that dance pose. started with the comic where she looks at the 4:20 clock and does it?

  25. Reaction Bros ?? they're so ugly. they want to own the reaction video format or something?

  26. What dog breed are you

  27. "damn daniel back at it again with the white vans" honestly my initial thought (beyond "gay") was, is this a throwback to the godfather of all vines, Back at it again at Krispy Kreme?

  28. Jeb Bush quits race. Everyone, no matter how leftist, is like, genuinely sad and sympathetic for him, which is confusing. Resurgence of memes about "please clap", the little tortoises, etc, especially as montages set to sad music. Jokes about him disappointing his family, one child left behind, etc.

  29. lord kitcshener, which is honestly where I get a lot of meme awareness tbh so they are overrepresented here but now they're using the term "tradneet" for the tradnats, and often reoccuring is their cuck, kek, current year, evropa shit, but I can't really gauge how vast the anti-fascist memer universe is beyond them and a few of their friends

  30. the arkh project fucking returns, but now they're making an undertale ripoff? crowdfunding on youcaring of all places

  31. BOB (that airplanes guy) really seems to think the earth is flat. seems to lowkey be a thing people are actively fighting against now on tumblr, instead of just ignoring those people (who exist, bizarrely). also, I really wonder what he thinks of airplanes' relation to a flat earth.....

  32. neil degrasse tyson calling out/rapping at BOB, also in general interrupting/shutting people down, especially funny when it's not relevant

  33. feb 26: what colour is this adidas shirt. yes, this again

  34. chris christie standing behind donald trump

  35. we dem boys

  36. animal, or food item? 4x4 squares. hopefully not alternating consistently since that just makes it too disappointingly easy.

  37. boaty mcboatface

  38. old friends senior dog sanctuary (not really a true meme, too pure)

  39. bernie secret disney princess bird

  40. "ellen, give him 15k" about anything particularly unimpressive especially if it's like straight allies or something

  41. history of japan video. there was a post also going around talking about how it was briefly a thing when it first was uploaded at the start of february and then had a second wave mid-march (I think I watched it the first time but not sure??). also praising it for having so many things memeable about it (like the mario vid). personally I like it because it reminds me of End Of Ze World

  42. don't talk to me or my son ever again (usually a smaller copy beside the thing)

  43. "dark ___, show/take/give me ____"

  44. who are you? i'm you but stronger

  45. blurry screenshot of mr krabs (idk what the joke is tbh)

  46. get you a man who can do both

  47. need me a freak like that

  48. loss.jpg (it took me so long to add this but i thought i already did)

  49. google translating japanese emoticons

  50. "[fandom]af" urls. i guess it's the new fuckyeah___

  51. hillary hot sauce pandering (apparently not, she's been doing it for years, but, the idea of this is still very funny)

  52. donald trump said 7/11

  53. jared leto hot topic banksy pg13 joker

  54. there was that facebook basketball game that seemed to gain popularity irl very quickly at the end of march but idk what happened

  55. did i really forget to add ted cruz is the zodiac killer

  56. "can we listen to something besides ____?" / *girl falling out of car door*

  57. dat boi (frog on unicycle)

  58. I feel like DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE has already been a meme for like 12 years but it seems to be slightly more popular maybe

  59. eurovision. love love peace peace, australia not being european and almost winning, poland lookalikes, furry legolas, weeaboo germany, to name a few

  60. tumblr put scrollbars on every post like a bad custom layout design from 2002, for like 10 minutes maybe

  61. hold the door (game of thrones? joke? idk)

  62. chewbacca mom bless her. can't wait for the snapchat filter to come out

  63. #elbowgate (no idea how far outside of this shitty country this has gotten)

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